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BCFE 2024 Beijing Catering Ingredients Prefabricated Vegetable Expo

Prefabricated dishes, Seafood and Aquatic Products, Hot Pot Ingredients, Meat Products, Accompanying Seasonings

Annual Banquet of China's Catering Industry, Building a One Stop Procurement System for the Catering Industry
October 18-20,2024 Location: Beijing China International Exhibition Center

Organizer: Beijing Baiwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Official website: www.bcfexpo.com
Market Overview
In recent years, the turnover of China's catering industry has grown steadily at the rate of more than 10 billion yuan per year. The catering B2B market has achieved rapid development. The new competitive track and hot spot in the catering industry - "prefabricated dishes" has gradually become a new profit point for the industry. New catering consumption and the "Internet plus" catering model are becoming the trend of the times. In addition, the integration of the catering industry and culture in the new era, as well as the introduction of policies such as "collect first and refund later", have effectively promoted the widespread spread of regional specialty cuisine and cuisine flavors throughout the country, creating a favorable environment for the development of the catering industry. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of catering consumption, the investment confidence of catering enterprises has gradually increased.Data shows that in 2023, the cumulative new registration volume of catering related enterprises in China reached 2.096 million, a year-on-year increase of 27.1%. Deepening market research and formulating new marketing strategies to adjust the development layout of enterprises have become the common goals of catering enterprises.

Exhibition Introduction
The 2024 Beijing Prefabricated Food and Beverage Expo will be held from 
October 18th to 20th at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center. As an international consumer city, Beijing's catering industry has significant internationalization characteristics, forming a distinctive catering ecosystem through continuous competition, development, and integration among various brands. It is truly a "Grand Gourmet Stage". The exhibition relies on the characteristics of diversified, high-quality, and internationalized catering in Beijing, gathering popular sub sectors such as prefabricated dishes, seafood and aquatic products, hot pot ingredients, and meat products. With the goal of "strengthening economic and trade cooperation, connecting international resources", the exhibition actively plays the role of organizational guidance and platform resource aggregation, providing opportunities for domestic and foreign producers, distributors, consumers, and other groups to negotiate distribution and trade cooperation. It aims to expand the domestic and foreign catering consumer markets, help all parties increase marketing revenue, and achieve win-win industrial dividends. It aims to create an internationa1 industry event that is efficient in attracting investment, interesting in visiting and high-end in thinking. Injecting unique new trends and formats into the development of the catering industry, it will wholeheartedly showcase the "BCFE Beijing Catering and Food Expo" as a stunning international catering business card!
Exhibition scale
The exhibition area is expected to reach over 50000 square meters, with an estimated 1000+enterprises and 10+exhibition groups from 20 countries and regions, and an audience of over 60000.
Multiple buyers
1. Distributors, agents, distributors, retailers, chain franchisees, catering ingredient supply centers, catering ingredient e-commerce sales website platforms with strength and sales network terminals.
2.National large hotels and various chain hotels, trading companies, food traders, food purchasers, food wholesalers, food merchants, Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, fast food restaurants, group meals, hot pot restaurants, tourist attractions, resorts, entertainment venues, central kitchens, large catering institutions, hotel investment management institutions, catering service enterprises, etc.
3. We sincerely invite the procurement principals of the top 100 domestic chain supermarkets to participate in this order meeting, which attracted hundreds of supermarket purchasers, including Wa1 Mart, Carrefour, PriceSmart, RT Mart, Metro AG,Hualian, Wumart, Century Lianhua, Jingkelong, Auchan, Lotus Supercenter, TESCO Group, and thousands of merchants in more than 100 large wholesale markets and agricultural and sideline products trading centers across the country, to be included in our key invitation list. Catering ingredient distribution chain stores and counters, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores, professional markets, etc.
4. Senior procurement personnel from hospitals, universities, military forces, aviation, railways, ships, cruise companies, government agencies and enterprises, and large enterprise groups; Financial institutions, commercial real estate developers, property owners, property management companies, hotel operators, training institutions, hotel design firms, etc, enter the venue for visits and procurement,helping exhibitors establish high-end industry networking circles, improve business development efficiency, and reduce cooperation transaction costs.
5. Various countries stationed in China and through cooperation with various industry associations, domestic and foreign food deep processing production enterprises, food production and processing bases, technical personnel and senior managers of enterprises, and professional buyers who assist in organizing exhibitions.
6.To build a display platform and effective trading environment for the catering ingredient industry, and assist exhibitors in expanding the booming Chinese catering market.

Exhibition Scope
Meat Products: Frozen/Chilled Meat, Meat Rolls, Meatballs, Ham, Sausages, Prepared Foods, and Ready-to-Eat Products, etc.
Instant Foods: Instant Rice, Instant Soup, Fast Food Meals, Convenience Congee, Prepared Western Dishes, Sweet Dumplings, and other instant food options.
Self-heating Foods: Self-heating Hot Pots, Self-heating Barbecue, Self-heating Rice, Self-heating Rice Noodles, Self-heating Vermicelli, Self-heating Spicy and Sour Noodles, Self-heating Wonton, etc.
Ready-to-Eat Foods: Cooked Meat Products (Marinated Products, Ham Sausages, Luncheon Meat, Hot Dog Sausages, etc.), Meal Replacement Foods (Milkshakes, Chicken Breast, Energy Bars, Meal Replacement Sausages, etc.).
Salt Products: Green Low-Sodium Salt, Natural Sea Salt, Low-Sodium Deep Well Salt, Deep Well Salt, Low-Sodium Bamboo Salt, Natural Crystal Salt, Iodized Refined Salt, Iodized Bamboo Salt, Seaweed Iodized Salt, Low-Sodium Salt, and various other salt products.
Seafood and Aquatic Products: Frozen Seafood, Dried Seafood, Live Seafood, Prepared Aquatic Foods, and Deep-processed Aquatic Products.
Poultry Products: Quick-frozen Poultry, Segmented Poultry, Prepared Poultry Meat, Deep-processed Poultry Meat, and Egg Products.
Hot Pot Ingredients: Soup Base, Hot Pot Seasoning, Condiments, Dipping Sauces, Prepared Hot Pot Products, Fish Paste Products, Quick-frozen Rice and Noodle Products, Wrapped Products, Vegetable Dishes, Fruit and Vegetable Products, Barbecue Products, etc.
Vegetables and Edible Fungi: Quick-frozen Vegetables, Prepared Vegetables, Pickled Vegetables, Kimchi, Vegetable Products, and Various Edible Fungi.
Other Ingredients: Alcoholic Beverages, Dairy Products, Bean Products, Rice/Flour Soup Base, Western Condiments, Hot Pot Seasonings, etc.
Pre-prepared Ingredients: Aquatic Products, Meat and Poultry, Pastries, Fruits and Vegetables.
Condiments and Seasonings: Cooking Oil, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Fermented Bean Curd, Chicken Essence, Chicken Powder, Chicken Stock, MSG, Sauces, Compound Seasonings, and Canned Goods.
Machinery and Equipment: Cooking Equipment, Food Production and Processing Machinery, Kitchenware, Catering Furniture, Sterilization Equipment, Quick-freezing Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Refrigerated Display Cases, Cold Storage, and Food Cold Chain Logistics Services.
Fresh Food E-commerce: Internet-based catering ingredient supply chain B2B, Fresh Food O2O procurement platforms, Catering Group Meal Suppliers, Agricultural and Sideline Products E-commerce, and Logistic Distribution Services.
Chain Franchises: Chinese Formal Dining/Chinese Fast Food, Western Formal Dining/Western Fast Food, Hot Pots, Coffee Shops/Snack Foods/Beverages, etc.
Exhibition advantages
1.Top level curation
The exhibition is hosted by Beijing Baiwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. With over ten years of curation experience, rich data accumulation, and business coverage in major and medium-sized cities across the country, the 2023 Food and Beverage Prefabricated Vegetable Expo was successfully held under its organization and planning, serving thousands of exhibitors and facilitating transactions worth billions of yuan. It has become an important engine for industry development and the preferred target for many well-known catering brands to participate in the exhibition.
2.The "cluster effect" of the capital city
Relying on the unparalleled advantages and market radiation of Beijing's catering policies, cultural inclusiveness, consumption intensity, supply and industry scale, and other cities, we will fully leverage the four major commercial functions of production and sales coordination, brand promotion.resource sharing and hot exchange.
3. Efficient supply and procurement
The exhibition brings together a global team of professional buyers to fully investigate the needs of both business and customers, provide face-to-face business negotiation space, facilitate precise trade matching between supply and procurement, and improve docking efficiency. It is expected to hold more than 10 summit forum activities, invite industry associations and senior industry experts to gather together, insight into new industry trends, help expand and improve consumption, and lead the vigorous development of the industry.
4.Comprehensive market empowerment
Based on the forefront of the trillion yuan new blue ocean market in catering, we aim to fully and maximally showcase the advantages of participating brands and exhibits, helping exhibitors accurately grasp market trends, enhance their competitiveness, and increase market share, thereby formulating scientific marketing strategies.
5.Golden Media Matrix
We plan to invite hundreds of mainstream media, large portal websites, and industry media to conduct comprehensive and multi angle communication with exhibitors, promote new products and technologies to global buyers, create unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors, and promote brand building and promotion.
6. Industry Linkage
Build a platform for exchange of exhibition information, high compatibility between exhibitions, and flexible interaction among consumers, to achieve cross-border cultural and trade exchanges between industries, and promote win-win cooperation among multiple parties.

Media promotion
1.The organizing committee of the conference will collaborate with over a hundred industry websites, online and offline synchronous promotion and reporting, creating a "media team" and "news gathering" to timely and quickly convey conference information.
2.The organizing committee of the conference shall establish a conference information promotion department, customer service department, planning department, and synchronous promotion before, during, and after the exhibition.20 days before the exhibition, through the established database, find the exact person in charge of express direct ticket delivery to ensure that visitors visit as scheduled. 5 days before the exhibition, release exhibition visit reminder information through the data center to avoid missed visits. During the exhibition, more than 50 media outlets will be invited to provide real-time coverage on the exhibition site, increasing the interactivity and post event effects of the exhibition.
3.Group visit: A dedicated team connects with groups from various provinces, cities, and regions to visit and participate in exhibitions, visits before the exhibition, receives visitors during the exhibition, leads visitors and communicates with exhibitors for cooperation, and provides shuttle services to centralized markets in the
province and surrounding cities.
4.Outdoor advertising: Hanging outdoor advertisements, banners, LED display frequencies, outdoor building elevator advertisements, etc. in urban transportation arteries, professional markets, bus stops, and subway stations to expand the exhibition's rendering power in the industry through large-scale outdoor promotion.
5.Publish exhibition information on major websites through WeChat public platforms and other self media, distribute promotional materials at public venues, and promote the event.
Simultaneous Activities
Summit Forum
2024 International Catering Development Summit Forum
International Summit on Prefabricated Vegetable Industry
Beijing Catering Brand Promotion Conference
Asian Catering Entrepreneurs Summit Forum
Hotel and Catering Industry Procurement and Marketing Conference
Seminar on the Application and New Ideas of Frozen Food Technology
2024 International Catering Business Management Future Development Summit
Dialogue on Breakthrough of New Retail Marketing in Hotpot Industry
Supporting activities
Beijing Food and Culture Festival
2024 International Creative Noodle Cooking Competition
China Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Layout Innovation Leading Promotion Conference
"Chinese Cuisine Gathering" Prefabricated Dish Production Competition
Training and inspection
Professional training in catering industry management, business model chain development, culinary technology. and culinary management
Professional inspection of specialty ingredients, quality manufacturers, internet celebrity stores, central kitchens. and other related fields
Exhibition Time
Exhibition period: May 23-24 (9:00-17:30)
Exhibition time: May 25-27(9:00-17:30)
Dismantling time: May 27th afternoon (14:30-16:30)
Exhibition Qualification
The exhibitor should be a business entity registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and should possess a valid Business License and legal approval documents for production and operation. The exhibited products must be qualified and certified by the relevant authorities at all levels before participating in the exhibition.
Exhibition Procedures
1. Exhibitors should carefully fill out the "Exhibition Application and Contract Form" after selecting a booth, stamp it with an official seal, and then fax or mail it to the organizing committee of the conference.
2.The organizing committee adheres to the principle of first application, first payment, and first confirmation. Within seven working days of signing the contract, the full or 50% of the exhibition fees shall be transferred to the designated bank account of the organizing committee of the conference. If payment is not made after the deadline, the organizing committee has the right to change the original booth or cancel its participation qualification.
3.The organizing committee has the right to adjust some confirmed booths based on the overall effect of the venue and the needs of safety and fire protection.
BCFE Service Price List

Exhibit Space Allocation Specifications Cost Configuration Description
3m×3m $5,000 Configuration: one fascia board sign, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 5A power socket, two daylight lamps, carpet; (Double opening charge 10%)
Specialized Bare Space Rental Starts from 36㎡ $500/㎡ No configuration provided, self-built.
Part 2: Price List for Supporting Propaganda and Advertising
(All advertising fees shall be paid in one lump sum; For some reason can not participate in the enterprise, also welcome to choose.) 
Magazine layout

Cover Back cover Double-page spread Second/third inside cover Colored inner page Black and white page
$3000 $2,500 $2,500 $2,000 $1,000 $500
Promotional printed materials
Tickets Invitation card Handbags Business card holder Visitor passes (exclusive) Lanyard
$1,000/ 10,000 pcs $1,000 /1,000 pcs $1,500 /1,000 units $1,000 /1,000 units $6,000 /30,000 pcs $2,500 /10,000 strings
BCFE Organizing Committee Contact and Registration Office:
Address: No.6 North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang DistrictBeijing - China Intemational Exhibition Center
Contact person: Chen Yan (manager) 18610288013(WeChat synchronization)
Website: www.bcfexpo.com